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Recent News

Nier:Automata mod manager NAMH is out!

Introducing the new mod manager for Automata!


  • One click install for SK, Reshade & limit break patch. No DOWNLOADS REQUIRED!
  • Install and uninstall mods with one click
  • Friendly for newcomers
  • Mod colission detection and resolver

Tedious install instructions begone! Get it now: NAMH



Fresh Mods

By aMoistCarrot
Mod image
Last Update: 12/7/2023
Created: 12/7/2023

A new, blank save game file for those unable to enter a name and start a new game.

By Gambikules
Mod image
Last Update: 12/6/2023
Created: 12/6/2023

Replace 2B by Right hand and 9S by left hand from Atomic Heart

By Team Me
Mod image
Last Update: 11/26/2023
Created: 11/26/2023

Fixes the Lunar Tear accessory so it doesn't stretch into oblivion.

By Hiruiyo
Mod image
Last Update: 11/21/2023
Created: 11/21/2023

Replace 9S with Yonah(from NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139).Anyone interested is welcome to modify it.

By nyori_oli
Mod image
Last Update: 11/20/2023
Created: 11/18/2023

Replaces 2B/A2 with Akeha in her Fabled (SINoALICE) outfit from NieR:Reincarnation.

By Sparky
Mod image
Last Update: 11/20/2023
Created: 11/20/2023

Give A2 her original outfit with this incredible mod that completely restores it!

By DevolasRevenge
Mod image
Last Update: 7/29/2023
Created: 7/29/2023

Retexture's Kaine's default outfit with goth-esque textures

By StarKitsune
Mod image
Last Update: 7/18/2023
Created: 7/8/2023

Replaces the NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 music with the original Gestalt/Replicant music. Work in progress.

By Wisteria
Mod image
Last Update: 7/6/2023
Created: 3/28/2022

A ReShade preset that boosts contrast, warmth, and vibrance, reduces the washed-out grey haze across the map, and maintains immersion and FPS.

By Goshante
Mod image
Last Update: 5/2/2023
Created: 5/4/2021

This mod allows you to select any character you wish (even Papa or Kaine) directly from the beginning. Also starting from version 1.2 you are able to manage custom sound packs for the game.<br />Unfortunately cutscenes are not affected now. Please, read detailed description before download!

By NomNom
Mod image
Last Update: 3/21/2023
Created: 2/9/2023

Remasters the FMVs to 4K and frame interpolates them to 60 FPS.

By LucasRomeroVA
Mod image
Last Update: 2/23/2023
Created: 2/23/2023

I'm not really a fan of washed-out colors or overexposed brightness to show the mood of a game. You can get that through having a bit of color still and no white tint to wash out all the colors.

By Siyan
Mod image
Last Update: 2/22/2023
Created: 7/13/2021

https://github.com/Asiern/ReplicantHook with added features and ImGui implementation through https://github.com/Rebzzel/kiero<br /><br />The goal of this mod is to add options to Replicant without requiring you to open anything alongside your game.

By Marc and Ozzie
Mod image
Last Update: 11/28/2022
Created: 11/28/2022

Enhances contrast, and colors with a subtle cinematic look.